Hello world!

Yes indeed Hello!

This is it the first one – must get into the blogging mindset but really want to go back and fiddle around with the themes and settings and stuff.

We do cake toppers

Don’t know what these cake topper things are – neither did we! But now we love them and so do our kids! They know they can always get the cake they want, so they are happy and at very little cost – so we are happy. We print their favourite character on a thin sheet of icing – all totally edible! You just put it on your cake and add the candles –hey presto! Try them, you’ll love them – the proof is in the pudding!!

Will be back soon – going to fiddle the settings now but by all means read on…

Want to do something special for a loved one this year – make their birthday or anniversary special! Photo cakes are a fun, unique, personalised, novelty idea for any celebration. We can print their favourite film character or their own photo or just a message from you– whatever you want.

Choose an image from our selection or let us know their favourite character, picture or logo or you can send us one of your own! All we need is a photograph to scan or email us your picture. Photo copies do not give a clear image. Old sepia photos and black and white pictures can be used. We can also add a message – Where possible our designs are emailed back for your approval before the final print. We produce fabulous professional cake toppers on edible icing, with edible ink from a wide variety of designs for kids, adults and even pets! Go on have fun and it doesn’t cost a fortune – prices from only 6.50 Euros.


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  1. This isn’t as easy as I thought!

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