Nigellas Easy Victoria Sponge Recipe

I use this recipe for lots of different cakes! Yes you can do a Victoria sponge but you can also add different icing and add colours and cocoa if you want to change – just play around with it and you will see it so versatile and really delicious – and the best thing is that it is very easy to make!






275g each of self raising flour, castor sugar, butter (very, very soft)

5 eggs

2 tsps baking powder

2 tsp vanilla extract

2-3 tbsp milk

Preheat oven to 200*C

Add butter and sugar to mixer, cream.  Alternate a couple of spoonfuls of flour and 1 egg until all added. add baking powder.

Add vanilla extract and milk until consistency of a thick batter. It is very difficult to go wrong with this recipe – but just be aware it doesn’t rise that much, so don’t panic.

Pour into cake tin (silicone is best) and bake in oven @ 200*c for 15-20 mins. Then turn down oven to 180*c and bake for a further 35-45 mins. you will probably need to cover with foil near the end to stop the cake burning. the 1st time you make this in your be careful as we know how ovens differ! Keep an eye on it and reduce heat a little if you think it is too hot!

Leave to cool in cake tin for a while then turn out onto a wire rack. Leave until completely cool to ice however you choose.

You can do the traditional Victoria sponge (the way the WI would do it) with only jam in the middle and icing sugar sprinkled on top (as above). Or add jam and buttercream to the middle.

For chocolate cake you can add 2 tbsp cocoa powder mixed to a paste with 2 tbsp boiling water!

Add food colouring if you want to make a a girlie pink cake, cover with pink icing and top with dolly mixtures!


One for the boys…

Add blue icing and decorate with monster or dinosaur shaped sweets! Or if you are feeling adventurous make 2 cakes and cut out the shape of their favourite character …


And if this is all to difficult cover with buttercream icing and add a cake topper! Easy! You can choose any character or even a photograph!


Original recipe from nigella lawson, How to be a domestic goddess! – this book is full of great recipes!


26 responses to “Nigellas Easy Victoria Sponge Recipe

  1. The first law of dietetics seems to be: if it tastes good, it’s bad for you.


  2. really this Nigellas Easy Victoria Sponge Recipe « Somethingcakey’s Blog super hot.
    You can find some more at

  3. What you don’t mention is the size of the sandwich tins – this is normally where I go wrong, my tins are larger than alot of recipes and I do end up with a sandwich!!

  4. im huma from india nigella yur recipe is
    very very nice.

  5. Usually 7 inch baking tins x 2. Happy baking

  6. carole carter

    i made your victoria sponge yesterday for tea it was gorgeous gone in one sitting so illhave a go with a chocolate one next time the receipe was very easy to follow but could you put gas temperatures on for us with gas thank you look forward to more cake making xxx carole

  7. Hi thanks for the recipe, am curious how did you do such a fantastic job on Lola, (your happy 2nd Bday – Sophie cake) my daughter loves “charlie and lola” and I would like to produce a cake similar to yours above. Look forward to the instructions. Many thanks

  8. Just made this, i put extra vanilla in though, and it’s gorgeous!

    1 amount of mix did 1 x 9″ round tin, when baked was about 3″ deep.

  9. Im going to make this cake for a family event, but im wondering how many people this receipe serves??XxXx

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  12. most lovely cake ever, most cakes are dry but nice- this is moist and phenomenal, ❤

  13. It was lovely. Absolutely glorious. Kindest regards, Nigella.

  14. Can you do it in two tins instead of the one? Hope so because I have it in two tins in the oven right now 🙂 Looked nice, light batter before it went in so fingers x’d Paula

  15. very nice blog. borrowing this recipe 🙂

  16. What a fabulous recipe! Got lots of compliments and was too it was the second best Victoria sponge the first being Starbucks lol. Off to make it again for my mother in law with strawberries and cream yum

  17. This was one fabulous recipe. I am going to pass this on to firends and colegues.


  18. im wanted to make a strawberry flavoured sponge….maybe using strawberry essence? do you think this would work??
    BTW very very good recipe for a delicious cake 🙂

    • theicingonthecake

      You could try it but I’m not fond of that strawberry essence – I would rather use fresh strawberries in the middle and on top. But if you like it – sure go ahead and try it! Good luck!

  19. This is in my oven right now!

  20. Hi. Is the butter salted or unsalted :)))))). Thanks. Debbie

  21. I added blue colouring to the sponge mix and ended up with a green sponge

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